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In August 2004 I left my full time employment with White Spire School. This is a school for pupils with moderate learning difficulties. I had taught in this school for seven years right from Key stage 1 to the sixth form. Today I continue at the school working individually with pupils assessing their academic and social needs.

I have continued to study and keep updated in the field of dyslexia, AD/HD, dyspraxia, Autism and Asperger Syndrome. I have attended a one day course for Special Examination Arrangements for GCSE, GCE and GNVQ.

I am a member of PATOSS (The Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties).

This organisation has the following aims:

  • to establish and maintain the professional status of those qualified to teach students with specific learning difficulties;
  • to promote the continued provision and development of appropriate specialist qualifications in the teaching of students with SpLD;
  • to enable members to update and extend their knowledge and skills and to exchange ideas through an annual conference, bulletins and local groups;
  • to promote fuller understanding and recognition of SpLD;
  • to promote links with teachers working with SpLD students in all sectors of education;
  • to promote links with other professionals involved in the field of SpLD;
  • to give a professional corporate response to the Department for Education and Employment (DfEE) on matters affecting SpLD students;
  • to maintain a register of the members of the association, Patoss


 I have lectured both at Northampton University and Northampton College.

At Northampton College I worked as a part time lecturer with the Supported Learning Team. My role included teaching units from the National skills Profile and being part of the assessment team for internal standardization.

I have also lectured and taught students at Northampton University following a course of professional studies in learning and teaching.

My experience in teaching ranges from key stage 1 up to the sixth form. My subjects include literacy, numeracy, ICT, Business studies, Heath and Social Studies, Leisure and Tourism, Environments Studies, History and Art.