What can you expect from an Assessment?

During assessment I try to understand why your child/you is having difficulty, and I will need to learn as much about his/her daily life as I can.

Discussion on the phone will give me some information but this may not be enough to indicate assessment, or for you to decide to book an appointment.

I can offer an initial appointment to discuss your child and your concerns fully (without your child being present). At this stage I would ask you questions about your child's development and his/her reactions to every day life. This will help to determine whether assessment would be useful.

Once you have decided you do want me to assess your child I can offer both formal and informal assessment situations. I usually like to do a combination of both.

If you have had an initial interview the price of that will be deducted from the assessment fee.

I also use a combination of standardised and non-standardised assessments to identify specific areas of difficulty.

After this I will spend time with you to discuss my results, offer you advice and maybe recommend therapy. Usually your child would not be present at the feedback session unless you particularly requested.

You will also receive a written report.

Types of Assessment

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