What is CDCAT

The Cyber Defence Capability Assessment Tool (CDCAT) is an effective, comprehensive way for organizations to assess their existing cyber defences, identify any vulnerability(s) in their defences and what mitigations can be applied. Considering the frequency of attacks on organizations’ sensitive cyber assets – CDCAT is an essential tool in combatting the threats posed by any number of cyber-criminals and criminal organizations.

CDCAT was developed by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), a trading fund of the MOD. Dstl is dedicated to keeping the UK secure through development of innovative science and technology. Dstl provides impartial scientific and technological advice to the UK Armed Forces and British Government.

Who is CDCAT For?

CDCAT is designed for organizations who wish to establish the most comprehensive and effective cyber security strategy possible. Cyber criminals rarely discriminate, every organization is vulnerable – so it is absolutely essential that an organisation performs every measure it can to keep its sensitive information and assets secure.

Irrespective of whether your organization wants to confirm the effectiveness of its current cyber security controls, or is genuinely unsure on how to go about establishing its cyber defences – CDCAT will act as an essential form of dynamic cyber security intelligence. Considering CDCAT has been developed by Dstl, your organization can be confident that CDCAT is one of the most cutting-edge cyber security options available.

Further Information on CDCAT

CDCAT is licensed by and available from APMG International -  Please visit their website here for more information.

CDCAT® is subject to Crown Copyright and Crown Database Rights.

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