Initial Profile

An Initial Educational Profile delivers an overview understanding of student’s capabilities and provides:


·     An estimate of the student’s intelligence


·     An assessment of the student’s attainments in reading, spelling and numeracy and whether they are under performing in those areas


·     Identification of discrepancy between literacy attainments and expected literacy attainment based on intelligence


·     Identification of underlying problems in memory of phonological processing skills


·     Identification of students with specific learning difficulty (dyslexia)

An Educational Profile requires the student to undertake a number of tests, which will generally take two to three hours. A report will then be prepared and delivered within two weeks making any appropriate recommendations for future actions.

Monitoring Profile

A Monitoring Educational Profile assesses progress against problem areas identified in the Initial Educational Profile and the first will normally be conducted six months after the initial profile and then if required on an annual basis thereafter.

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