Hourly tutor rate for private tuition


£25 - £35.00 per hour

Advice and Consultation


from £25 per hour

Educational Profiles


Initial Profile



Monitoring Profile


Diagnostic Assessments


Initial Diagnostic Assessment



Monitoring Diagnostic Assessment


Individual Learning Plans


First Subject

£ 45.00


Subsequent subjects

£ 35.00


Updating a set of Learning Plans
as part of ongoing tuition

£ 50.00




The following discounts will be given, if the full Diagnostic Assessment is provided within six months of us undertaking, on the same student:

An Initial Educational Profile 30%

A Monitoring Profile 20%


Other discounts may be available depending upon specific circumstances - please ask for details




Where Consultations and Assessments are provided other than at our premises reasonable travelling expenses will be charged in addition to the fees identified above.




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